Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's been a while

There has always been this odd lull after I return from a trip. It's this interesting block of time where I become nostalgic and wear all my grubby clothes until my roommate tells me to "snap out of it" and forces me out for Starbucks and some much-needed shopping.

Then there's my mother, who orders me to sit in a chair while I get a pedicure and haircut.

So the new me is back again. Or the old me? The Canadian me? The birks haven't been retired and I swear to wear them until October, but they've been replaced by $150 boots. My wide-leg jeans have been replaced by a skinnier counterpart and my untamed mop of hair has been straightened and now sports bangs - meaning I have to use a straightening iron every morning.

I'm now living vicariously through Kenji, websites like Lonely Planet and blogs, which explains (but doesn't excuse) my lack of blogging.

Funny enough, I stumbled upon an AirTreks Travel Blog that advocated exactly what I always expect from my adventures - change.

"One of life’s easiest ways to initiate change is to travel," said one of the opening lines. Nothing I didn't already know, as every time I step out my door with my pack on I never return unchanged.

The blog also has a link to an amazing flickr gallery. The main photo is of Iguazu, which Kenji claims is more beautiful than Victoria Falls. Lies.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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  1. Glad you like my photos. Here is my one of Vic Falls....tough call which is more beautiful..but I am going with Iguazu ;)