Sunday, May 30, 2010

My dearest Brier,

When you sent me out to find you a family to donate your money to, I figured I would be looking for a family with lots of children, or one very special child. You always had such a great connection to the children here and I knew you would smile knowing your money had made one of the kids here happy, like you always did with your lollies.

However, today I had a reaction not unlike yours at many of the houses we visited both together and separately last year. It was one that brought me to tears, with the type of expressions I envy in you. Your willingness to show what you’re feeling so easily is a quality I both envy and admire. However, Mussi (who had suffered from a stroke) and his family have touched me to display feelings more characteristic of you than of me.

The last time I saw his mother and girlfriend I was happy to see they were in good spirits. The mother even happily declared that she still was full of hope for her son’s recovery.

But sadly, he passed away this week from an apparent stroke. I immediately knew that this would be a situation that would touch you deeply. Three weeks ago I was taken aback by his girlfriends’ tenderness and loyalty – questioning myself as to whether I would be able to have such courage. His mother, who had attended counseling, seemed to be doing less well.

They don’t seem like the type of family I pictured for you, but their hope and sense of pride are qualities I know you would admire as much as I do.

Mpho, who I know you trust almost as much as me has explained that we must buy the two women food so when neighbours and loved ones come to donate money to them, they have something to give in return. So this is what used your money for. I hope you approve of this family. I truly think they would have touched you as much as they touched me.

In memory of what you did here, your love of making children smile just to have them smile when I find it such a small deed, when in reality it is all that matters. In an attempt to have as big of a giving, caring spirit as you do, Mpho delivered the food to the family and they were so grateful. I wish I could have pictures but I’m sure you’ll understand that it wasn’t my place to photograph them in their time of grieving.

Your money went to good use, and I wanted to let you know.

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  1. Alanna,

    Money well spent my friend - assisting people to fulfill their cultural norms will help bring a little bit of peace to their lives and relieve one more stress in this time of grieving. You are absolutely right that that situation would have touched me. Thanks for letting me be there in a small way. Your tenacity and ability to recover quickly is what I admire in you my dear. Live in the moment. Let yourself grieve with them. I honestly think that is the best gift anyone could give them. Then bounce back quickly - ready for whatever is next.