Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I've had a great first full week with the project in KwaZulu-Natal. The kids at the day care centre are just amazing. I've been helping out a bit more with the first-aid, and I find it really difficult to handle at times.

On Friday, a girl about a year old came in with third-degree burns all over her forearm. Josh, the head volunteer, had already dressed it and sent a note home with her older sister to tell her grandmother that the little girl had to be taken to the clinic as soon as possible. But the clinic is 7km away, and about R20-R30 - not even five dollars - and her grandmother says she cannot afford it and does not have the time.

The girl was hysterical when we were cleaning the burn, she must have been in absolute agony. I won't get into the gory details of how the burn looked - I'm sure you can only imagine.

In these situations, it's been really interesting to see how the children here interact with one another, in comparison to North American children.

They look out for each other in such intimate ways - like they figure they can really only rely on each other, more than anybody else.

Over the weekend we all got a very important and needed Zulu language lesson, to learn some more words to use at the day care centre. Theo, one of the workers, took us on a bush walk and we saw some more animals. A herd of Zebra ran right by us! We spent some time at the gorgeous, isolated beach nearby. Next weekend we've decided to travel to Kosi Bay, and cross the border into Mozambique.

The breaking of the ground and Isoyi, a Zulu celebration that signifies that the Induna (Prince) has approved the building of the new day care on the certain plot of land. There were speakers from all over Kwazulu-Natal, singing, dancing, and a traditional Zulu meal. Elections were also held this week in Khula, which was interesting to experience.

I'm looking forward to working on the HIV education project at the local school this week. Information regarding that will come on Thursday, for sure! Oh and maybe a night drive through one of the national parks as well!

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